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3D Printing

3D Printing with NVS Visuals

Now, we can truly get creative with our new service: 3D printing! Also known as additive fabrication, 3D printing is a method of producing physical objects from a variety of materials, usually one layer at a time. The process begins with a plan (3D model data) and gradually adds material, according to the plan, until your finished object is formed.


With applications in prototyping, prop making, product design, and manufacturing, our 3D department can design and print almost any shape with high precision. From complex organic structures to functional mechanical assemblies, we can create 3D objects out of ABS, polycarbonate, nylon, stainless steel, titanium, and rubber.

Adding another dimension to our wheel of services.

High precision 3d printing - NVS Visuals - nyc new york
High precision 3d printing - NVS Visuals - nyc new york

High Precision

Our 3d printing department is built from creates, makers and engineers, a team that’s needed to fabricate any 3d object – weather an exact replica, a new concepts or a new prop. Before 3d printing, much had to be done by hand, driving the deadlines longer and the cost to ever growing heights. Today, all can be replicated and created. We can take your projects from precise scanning, to finishing the metal printed 3d prop with custom painting. Tell us more about your projects.

Metal 3D printing

While 3D printing began years ago with plastic and other simple materials, it’s now increasingly available for printing metal parts from metals like stainless steel. Recent innovations include a type of 3D printing that’s an additive process, called “additive manufacturing” (AM). The AM process uses a laser beam to melt micron layers of metal powder instead of plastic filament. 

" NVS came into the project late, since we had another vendor produce all of the CNC and flatbed work - to just find out that all was done wrong! Magda and her team color corrected, fixed measurements and saved our event. Thank you guys!"

- Amanda Fam -

"Great service. Wrapped a car and they stood by their work. They truly know what it means to be customer oriented and customer focused. They went above and beyond to make sure the project was done the right way even when we ran into issues few months down the line. This is a high class place. Would recommend 1000x over."

- Bakers Drugs -

"Amazing work. Gave them a tight turn around, and they exceeded my expectations and they have amazing customer service. Magda, it was a pleasure working with you!"

- Space NY -


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NVS Visuals is a media company that specializes in transforming spaces and objects through print and fabrication.

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