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Classic Cars Vinyl Wraps

Classic Cars Vinyl Wraps

Vintage Cars Vinyl Wrapping

There is no doubt that classic cars hold a special place in our hearts, and classic car vinyl wrapping is one our our most favorite services. After all, you, or your client takes years caring for them, and now we get this beautiful vehicles to dress them. It’s an exciting process that comes with a lot of responsibility.

Classic car wraps call for special care, and extra attention to detail. This projects usually take much longer than an average wrap, and require a bit more planning. There is lots to consider like: is the paint original or not? Can the hardware be removed? Was the vehicle waxed? Are custom templates required for the design process? All this and more is what will be a part of the wrapping process when you being your classic wrapping project to us at NVS Visuals.

Wrapping Vintage Cars

It’s not a quick process, but before we even start we will have to examine the condition of the car paint, and know if it is original, and if not how well was it repainted. What’s also important to know is if the vehicle is waxed, and if stripping the wax is necessary. As for wrapping, we use heatless techniques to protect the paint at all cost.


Removal is a very important process of a vinyl wrap activation on a classic vehicle. We have to know how long the wrap should stay on. Once we know that we can determine the exact material that would serve both the car shape, the paint condition best to assure for no damage on removal. Read more about the removal process here.

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Dress your brand classy,
with classic car wrapping.

Custom Templates.

Often there are no templates available for classic cars, or cars that were modified, which makes the process of classic cars vinyl wraps a bit more difficult. Rest assured that when you’re working with NVS Visuals, we are a part of every step of the process, and can provide you with custom made templates, so that us, or your marketing or design team can get to work on creating a beautiful vinyl wrap.


Classic Cars deserve that extra shine in their wraps – or complete matte or satin finish if that’s what’s in your creative. We work with many material manufacturers and can source any film for your special project.

  • Avery, 3m, Oracal Colors
  • Metalic, reflective, matte, satin vinyl
  • Chrome vinyl
  • Glow in the dark Vinyl
  • Textured films

Vehicle Sourcing. 

Our vehicle sourcing service does not end on standard vans, cars, buses and trucks Рwe can also assist in sourcing classic vehicles. As you can imagine anything non-standard  works on a non-standard timeline, and often sourcing classic vehicles requires more time. See some of our work in our portfolio here.

Tell us about your next classic car wrap project.

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