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Vinyl Wraps

Transforming Objects and Spaces with Vinyl

What are Vinyl Wraps?

Vinyl printing and wrapping can transform any object or space into your vision. In short, vinyl projects can be as big as covering entire buildings to small, custom-wrapped artistic sculptures or furniture pieces. Moreover, vinyl comes in a spectrum of colors, plus a variety of finishes and textures, with many different laminates that can completely change the look of the final print. To sum, with vinyl wraps, your creativity can be virtually limitless.


Why vinyl wrap with us?

We specialize in all forms of vinyl wrapping and we have worked on many unique projects over the years and mastered wrapping cars and fleets. Most importantly, what makes NVS Visuals different from your average vinyl wrap shop is that we have you covered through every step of your project. To sum up, not only will we help you determine the best materials but we can also source vehicles for your activation, print on all available media, and handle very logistically difficult installations.

Dress spaces and objects with vinyl visuals.
For a single day or forever.

Vinyl printing & Vinyl Wraps

vinyl wraps with Nvs visuals - complex installation. CitiBike vinyl wraps
NVS Visuals - Vinyl Wraps - Vinyl Wrapping , NYC, Wall Wraps, Floor Wraps, Elevator Wraps, Widow wraps and window graphics

Outdoor Vinyl Wraps

Vinyl installs are meant to live outdoors. Whether it’s a building wrap, window graphics covering a retail store, or bike stations, vinyl can cover the entire surface with your visuals, completely transforming the look.

Spaces and objects that are normally not visually appearing can be transformed into creative experiences. Such projects are often the centerpieces of experiential activations and visual events. We have vinyl engineered to adhere to rough surfaces like stone and brick, multiple window films offering different coverage and effects, and even vinyl specifically made for roads and concrete. Let your visual visions live outdoors!

Removable Vinyl Wraps

Many ad activations and projects that are meant to live inside or outside for only a few hours, days, or weeks can easily transform a space temporarily. Better yet, most of these applications can be completely removed without causing any damage to the surface post-project.

There are many things to consider when doing a temporary installation, like the surface of the application, the durability of the materials, and the duration of the install. Projects from industries like TV, ad agencies, and events and entertainment usually call for removable solutions.

NVS Visuals Cad Cut Vinyl Die Cut vinyl - Vinyl Wraps - Vinyl Wrapping , NYC, Wall Wraps, Floor Wraps, Elevator Wraps, Widow wraps and window graphics
NVS Visuals - Vinyl Wraps - Vinyl Wrapping , NYC, Wall Wraps, Floor Wraps, Elevator Wraps, Widow wraps and window graphics

CAD-Cut Vinyl

CAD-cut vinyl is any vinyl that has been cut out by an automatic plotter. This solution is often used by galleries design studios and cultural institutions. Cut vinyl comes in many colors, finishes, textures, and special effects.

Just like with cast and calendar vinyl, CAD-cut vinyl can be permanent or temporary, and the process of application will also be affected by the duration of the install. If you are not sure how to approach your project, reach out to us. We’ll gladly show you the best swatches for your visuals.

Textured Surface Vinyl Wraps

A few years ago, chaining a building facade was impossible without painting. We are extremely happy that this is not the case anymore! The look of banners covering a building is no longer needed with vinyl meant for textured surfaces, which we call rough wrap.

Rough wrap works as a mural for brick walls, changing the color of a stone building facade or completely covering tiles – floor, wall, or roof. Rough wrap looks like paint and can often mimic it. Better yet, it’s completely removable if needed.

NVS Visuals - Vinyl Wraps - Vinyl Wrapping , NYC, Wall Wraps, Floor Wraps, Elevator Wraps, Widow wraps and window graphics
NVS Visuals - Vinyl Wraps - Vinyl Wrapping , NYC, Wall Wraps, Floor Wraps, Elevator Wraps, Widow wraps and window graphics

Print and Cut Decals

Whether large or small, print and cut is the go-to for many visual applications. Instead of printing on clear vinyl, we can cut exactly to the contour of your graphic, so that your visual can appear as the background of the wall, glass, or floor we’re installing on.

Here at NVS, we’re experts at paneling visuals, even when they are cut to shape. On a roll or rigid, clear or fully printed – we can design, print, and install all of your complex graphics.

Specialty Films

Vinyl printing does not have to be just printable or color manufactured. Some films can act as mirrors, shine with glitter, or even glow in the dark! We have designed installs that use many different specialty films, even on the same projects.

We love to layer specialty films because they add dimensions to the appearance. But often, it is the quality of the material that becomes the staple of the visual.

Vinyl Wraps with NVS Visuals, we take care of printing and installation. complex vinyl wraps installs

Vinyl Installations

We are experts when it comes to installing vinyl. We have done installations at heights of 230 feet, on the water, and the traditional – on the ground. It’s just what we do. And we do it well.

If your project is complex, call us. We will get it done. Contact us even if it’s a simple install, because we’ll assure you that this part of your project will not keep you up at night – we’ll simply get it done for you.


Why pick Nvs Visuals for your next Vinyl Wrapping project?

Through our years in business, we’ve managed cross-state installs, multi-location installations, hard weather conditions, and working with heavy equipment. If your project needs vinyl installers, NVS Visuals should be the team you choose.

  • Complex multi-location installation
  • Installation on heights
  • Heavy equipment installs
  • Outdoor/indoor installs
  • Same-day installations and removals
  • On-set vinyl installations

The Steps.



Let's learn about your project. How long will it live for? What is the surface of the application? Do we need to scout the location? In this stage we choose the right approach, and give you all of the possible options. If your project is still months away, we can get you a high and low estimate to secure your budget for the future.



First we have to know the application: indoor/outdoor, floor, walls or windows? Is it a permanent or temporary installation? Here we'll pick the right materials. Will all be printed, or will we use manufactured vinyl like metallics, chrome or special-use vinyls? Is color-matching required?



This step is all on us. We take all that we worked with you and your team on and simply 'go to work'. We take care of all of the logistics and the necessary equipment needed to complete the install.



This is the fun part - let your visual live outside! Wether it's only for a day, weeks, months or years, we'll let you know how to sustain the visuals and make sure the graphics look great. After your activation is done we can take care of the removal, to make sure that no damage is done to any of the wrapped surfaces.


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