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Branded food trucks and mobile experiential campaigns

Branded food trucks and mobile experiential campaigns. From Creative to Event Day.

Food Trucks Promotions and Experiential marketing

For over a decade we have helped in creating some memorable mobile branded food trucks activation and food truck experiential marketing campaign for many clients locally, nationwide and even international.

From design to wrap and fabrication, we realized that to truly provide our clients with the best advertising experience, we needed to facilitate the experiential vehicle fleet and staff – This is how NVS Promo, experiential marketing department of NVS Visuals was born.

Why NVS Promo is the right partner for mobile experiential activations?

There are many vendors providing bits and pieces of what we do all under one roof. We know it, since we have been part of other businesses solution in the past. Why is it beneficial to use a company that does it all?

  • Time. No one can beat our timeline. We’re the designer, print producer, vinyl installer, vehicle hire, driver, staff and more. There is no one to call to align schedules with, or to coordinate with. It’s just us and your team.
  • Visuals and Fabrication. We own our fleet of unique vehciles, and we’re the fabrication team. If in the past you were meet with limitations as to custom outfitting a vehicle or a branded food truck – this will no longer be the case. Sky is the limit. Learn more at our fabrication page.
  • Project Management. We offer direct integration between you and our team of professional designers, vinyl installers, production designers, and project managers. This ensures a seamless process from design to production, and ultimately, to executing your activation and reaching your target audience.
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Your brand on wheels.

London pride experiential mobile activation. Nvs visuals international and nation wide mobile campaigns

How to plan your next brand activation for a food truck event marketing campaign?

Start by contacting us here. What we’ll do is take you through the entire timeline and online all what’s needed for your mobile activation. Is your activation a part of an outdoor event, a corporate event or a part of a nationwide campaign? We’ll tailor our approach to your needs and create a custom scope for your food truck or non-food truck promotions.

If you’re on an incredibly short timeline, call us – 212-692-9727. Our background and experience in production of all experiential campaigns, not only mobile sought us to design and produce on impossible deadlines.

Our team consists of professional designers, vinyl installers, production designers and project managers who can take care of all of the logistics for your branded food truck activation. We know food truck advertising from the inside, out.

Expert Experiential Marketing Services for Your Next Event. New York, and beyond. 

We’re a large format production and fabrication company, which specializes in experiential events and marketing. We’re more than an agency, since we produce the tangible materials and build-outs, and we’re more than a production studio because we design, and manage logistics of an activation campaign. In a nutshell, time is saved, since we design what can be built, and built better what was designed already.

Over years we have completed hundreds of projects for our loyal customers in industries fro advertising agencies, to movie studios and event marketing studios. If you’re a brand ready to advertise directly – we got you to.

We do a lot, but here are our services tailored for food truck and mobile advertising campaigns.

mobile activations, food trucks and vans. branded vehicles. New York, Miami, Los Angeles, California, atlanta
mobile activations, food trucks and vans. branded vehicles. New York, Miami, Los Angeles, California, atlanta

Why food truck marketing campaigns ?

Food truck promotions are simply eye catchy. Clearly communicated visual brand with head-turning design elements will grab attention of a large audience. More importantly, it’s an occasion for your brand to interact with your audience.

If the experiential campaign you’re looking to create is not for food truck branding, we can offer other vehicles from vintage cars to luxury SUVs. Our fleet is large, and ready to wrap on – unlike many other sourced vehicles. What trucks and cars are in our fleet?

  • Food trucks – modular and of different sizes. Ready for custom fabrication if needed.

  • Classic and vintage food trucks – One of a kind, authentic visuals.

  • Ice cream trucks experiential activations

  • Classic cars mobile activations – From 1967 Chevies to classic corvettes, we can fit any decade and creative.

  • Box trucks, Vans and classic SUVs.

  • Present-day luxury sport cars

Experiential campaigns are more than branded food trucks – our fleet is large and ready, call us to discuss your next project.

Our Services

Vinyl Wrapping + -

We’re experts in commercial wrapping. Actually all we do when it comes to vinyl installation is for commercial activations.

What are the benefits of deadlines with a us directly? We know all of the most recent material inventions, and substrate possibilities, which are only known between industry people.

Fabrication + -

Wether you need to fabricate a food truck or a fleet of Fred trucks, we’re up for the challenge. Our background is in fabricating custom movie proofs and full scenic buildouts, and we have done our fair share of some crazy custom projects.

From wood and metal fabrication to electrical and the planning of lights, NVS is here to work efficiently and effectively.

Permitting + -

We can obtain permits for your activation across the country. Call us to discuss your project, so that we can find the correct licensing solutions.

Vehicle Sourcing + -

We’re the source for all of the vehicles ready to activate for your next campaigns. From food trucks to vintage vehicles and ice cream trucks.

If you’re looking for box trucks or luxury SUVs we got that covered too.

Menu Customization + -

With a full kitchen capability, NVS promo can assist in menu creation, as well as the actual food production. Deliciously simple.

Merchandise and branded giveaways + -

This is again when being a production studio in one comes in handy. We can make what your brand wants to offer to your audience. From branded T-shirts to customized cookies – why is the limit.

Staffing + -

From drivers to brand ambassadors – your team does not have to worry about any of that

mobile activations, food trucks and vans. branded vehicles. New York, Miami, Los Angeles, California, atlanta
mobile activations - nationwide, food truck activations, international mobile activations

Sustainability in food truck promotions and mobile campaigns

In the events industry, there is a lot of waste. We try to combat this by using the latest technology available, and tailor solutions which can alleviate some of the environmental impacts a mobile activation and food truck promotions can have.

Ask us about material alternates, or what we can do to take your project to the next level by using sustainable techniques or eco-friendly ink and print technology.

It’s simple, call or email us. Let’s discuss your project. If you are in need of just the wrapping, or the entire process starting with finding a perfect food truck, food trucks or other vehicle to brand with, staffing, permits and creative, we’re here to plan the campaign for you. You can learn more about our sustainable goals here.

Not only branded food trucks, mobile activations, and event productions.

Mobile marketing is great, and we love creating campaigns for branded trucks, but we do so much more. Nvs visuals is a full fabrication and design house, were we fabricate props for events, TV production and other branded events.

Our fabrication capability includes vinyl wrapping spaces, custom fabricating booths and key-frame props to building out stages, custom signage and custom flats.

How to design a great wrap for a branded food truck activation?

Designing the right creative is the most difficult part of a cues full mobile branding campaign. The design need to have the most effective branding design elements, it has to be reminiscent for a food truck business structure, yet creative and innovative enough to turn heads.



Our professional design team can help in creating the design from scratch, or we can assist in altering it for some unique production materials.


Vinyl Wrapping

Once the proofs have been accepted, and signed - we wrap. This might be a straight forward task, but it's year of experience which trained us to complete this step. Our team of in-house installers allows us to create branded food trucks on an incredibly short timeline.



We really mean it when we say that we do all of what's needed for a food truck mobile activation under one roof - and we invite you to us to see it. Live pre-press sessions are great if your team wants to alter some design elements, or if you would like to see how the prints will look in real time.



Logistics of your mobile experiential campaign. From brand ambassadors to drivers, and other staffing needs, Nvs promo can handle all of the needs of your campaign.


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