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3M Di-Noc Installations

Transforming Objects and Spaces with 3M Di-Noc

What are 3M Di-Noc architectural films?

In short, 3M Di-Noc is a series of architectural vinyl finishes which not only replicate the look of substrates like wood, glass, tiles and fabric – but also the finish. Just until recently, this architectural film series were known only to developers, architects and interior designers, but now are more commonly used to accent residential home finishes, as well as a quick turnover commercial installations like hotel elevators, lobbies or office cabinets.


Why is 3M Di-Noc a good solution?

3M Di-Noc films are simply stunning, they allow for quick and efficient installation, with close to no down time of your space or objects which would be wrapped, but it is also a sustainable architectural solution which requires often no to minimal construction. Lastly, there is over 1000 different colors and finishes within this film series.

From different types of wood to glass, fabric and marble – 3M Di-Noc allows for a quick, no construction necessary and sustainable design solution which can easily transform entire spaces, or object beyond recognition.

Here, at NVS, we love using Di-Noc wood series Among others. There is no other solution which can simulate the use of wood as closely to the real substrate as this one. Moreover – Di-Noc will aways be consistent in finish allowing us to go in and touch-up, or fix panels that have been damaged post install.

3M Di-Noc: Sustainable, on budget and one
time - no demo Reno.

3M Di-Noc Architectural Design and Installations

True Wood Texture


Sustainable Design


Over 1000 Swatches

Di-Noc series are famous for its wood variety, and after seeing all of the swatches this makes absolute sense. The variety of all of the wood series in mind blowing to someone who sees it for the firs time. From dry wood, to complete matte and reclaimed – to glossy and weathered finishes in all shades and colors with horizontal or vertical grains.

Ir’s almost impossible to be able to source a little, or a lot, of some or all of this finishes. Wether you’re developing a building complex, revamping your hotel lobby, retail space or converting an old house to a more modern design for your scenic department or commercial set – Di-Noc is the real deal that can make it happen on budget, on time, with lots to close from.

Removable Vinyl Wraps

Many ad activations and projects that are meant to live inside or outside for only a few hours, days, or weeks can easily transform a space temporarily. Better yet, most of these applications can be completely removed without causing any damage to the surface post-project.

There are many things to consider when doing a temporary installation, like the surface of the application, the durability of the materials, and the duration of the install. Projects from industries like TV, ad agencies, and events and entertainment usually call for removable solutions.




Quick Timeframe

We understand that sometimes the time it would take to visually change your space with vinyl graphics, or installation of wood and textural finishes simply makes the project impossible. This is because this level of visual change-outs typically requires construction, but not with 3M Di-Noc.

Wether it’s a hotel lobby that cannot be unused, your office elevators or other high-traffic areas that are too functional to not function for a longer time, now you can completely change the look without placing something out of commission. Our skilled vinyl installers can apply architectural finishes to large spaces overnight, creating a seamless transition to you, your team and or your staff and clients.

Durable and Modular

It is not a coincidence that most of 3M Di-Noc installs you get to see in towns like New York City, Naples, Atlanta or LA is in large office spaces, hotel elevators and hospitals and medical offices – this films are the most durable fo all vinyl films. Most of architectural films are meant to be installed inside with 10 year or so durability – but some can be installed for outdoor applications.

Moreover, since the film is always consistent in finish and color, if single panels need to be fixed, filled in or completely replaced – there will be no visual difference even if the maintenance is done years after the original install. This is why high-traffic areas are where most of this installs live, and they do for a long long time.

3M Di-Noc custom installations

Architectural Installations

We specialize in all forms of visual installs – from building wooden structures for your scenic department to installing wall paper at a multi-level building, but not all of this installs are the same. In sum, here at NVS Visuals, we’re offering nation wide installation services with our production offices stationed in New York City and Naples Florida.


Think of us as your visual consultants.

Through our years in business, we’ve managed cross-state installs, multi-location installations, hard weather conditions, and working with heavy equipment. If your project needs vinyl installers, NVS Visuals should be the team you choose.

  • Complex multi-location installation
  • Installation on heights
  • Heavy equipment installs
  • Outdoor/indoor installs
  • Same-day installations and removals
  • On-set vinyl installations

The Steps.



Choose your color, your wood grain, your finish and application process. There is over 1000 swatches to choose from. You can find all of them here.



This is where we go to work. First, We source all of the materials necessary for your project. Second, and prep them at our facilities, so that when it's ``go`` day everything is ready and done fast.



Often before installation we go to the install site to see what's the best approach. NVS conducts installations nation-wide, so tell us about your project.



Here at NVS we do a lot of promotional graphics for events and movies - it would be strange if we would not master the art of removal of all of the architectural finishes we offer. In sun, yes, all can be removed without a mark!


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