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Acrylic Prints

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If you’ve ever wondered what is the best way to showcase high quality prints or art, acrylic prints are about as close as you can get. With incredible radiance and a dearth of color like in no other printed medium, acrylic photo prints practically jump off the wall.

Wether you would like to print a photograph, a poster or create a custom printed Plexi sign, at NVS we can assist you from the design stage through print to mounting. 

Plexiglass comes in all different finishes and thicknesses, and we stock most of them, from optically clear acrylic sheets, to milked, frosted and mirrored plexi. We can not only print on all of them, but also rout to any custom shape you would like with our large scale CNC router. 

Everything that’s printed simply looks better when printed on an acrylic sheet, or when mounted onto one. What we can tell you from experience, is that best prints always have vivid colors, and use contrast and light in an interesting way. 

Once you know that you project is, or requires acrylic prints, we would first assist you with finding the correct application. Is it something that will hand on a wall? Or will it be a key frame in a scene you’re shooting next? Or better yet, should it be able to illuminate like a Lightbox? There are a few techniques that we can prep your plexi print in, because of the variety of equipment and processes we provide at NVS Visuals. But one is certain, we’ll make your print look amazing!



We stock many different plexiglass sheets at different thicknesses. Call us to see what would work best for your project.

Gloss Silver

Gloss silver standoffs are considered standard in acrylic printing. They come in different thicknesses.

Matte Silver

Matte is a great alternative to gloss finish. It comes in silver, gold and opaque colors.


Champagne color provides a very modern look. It comes in gloss and matte finish.


There are many colors of standoffs, from standard black and white to specific colorful options.


We’re not one of the online acrylic print factory-like providers. This means that each project is processed through our team with up-most focus and attention to detail. Every step of the print process, finishing and creation is done under one roof, and fully fabricated in NYC.

We CNC the Plexi you choose to your order, and do not stock pre-cut stock which often results in many imperfections. 

Moreover, we can really customize your final product. We could UV print your project, or printing it with a Latex flatbed, resulting in a different finish. We could also face-mount your print, after printing your creative on a crystal, gloss, metallic or matte photo paper. Truly, sky is the limit. 

Talk to us about your project, and we’re confident that we’ll find the best solution available within both, your timeline and your budget. 


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