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Custom Vinyl Wraps

Custom Vinyl Wraps

Custom Vinyl Wraps for Special Projects

When your project does not fit the mold, we can tailor a custom-made wrapping solution for you. We have vinyl wrapped pianos, outdoor buildings, boats, CitiBike stations, sidewalks, furniture, and many other things.

Who Uses Custom Vinyl Wrapping?   

Permanent and Removable

Custom wraps are often applied to event props and pop-up store locations, among other applications. As with any of our vinyl services, custom wraps can be installed with permanent or removable options.

bike station vinyl wraps - custom vinyl wrapping
custom vinyl wraps - surfboards vinyl wraps

Custom projects call
for custom tailored solutions.

Design and Templates

Custom wrapping usually calls for custom templates, whether your object is very big, like a building, or it’s a small guitar. Here at NVS Visuals, we can completely cover the process. We’ll provide you and your team with an accurate template so that the creative graphics process can begin.

If you would like us to work on the design, we can do that too! We integrate our clients in every step of the design process, from picking materials to moving the last line of copy onto your visual.

Specialty Materials

Special projects call for special treatment. Custom or manufactured films can be the answer. Whether you would like your vinyl-wrapped object to reflect light, glow in the dark, shine with a metallic sparkle, or simply feel like velvet – we got you!

There are many possibilities when it comes to specialty vinyl wrapping. Give us a call and reach out when your project is still in the beginning design phases. We will present you with the best production options for your creative vision.

Installation and Removal

Special objects sometimes live outdoors and call for complex on-site installs. You don’t have to worry about that part when working with NVS. We have wrapped more than 100 units with custom advertising across the state, usually on very short timelines. We have even custom-wrapped lobster shells for art installations.

The amount of non-standard or strange objects we have wrapped makes a very long list. We have a lot of wrapping experience with various types of projects, and we love meeting the challenges of “impossible” projects. Contact us to discuss your custom wrap.

Tell us about your next vinyl wrap project.

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