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Food Truck Wraps

Food Truck Wraps

Event Food Trucks

Whether your project is hiring a food truck or if your business serves tasty treats, we can make your rolling kitchen beautiful.

Event Food Truck Wraps 

Temporary wrapping for food trucks is very much in-style for any brand or business. We can help you not only design your graphics, source the vehicle for you, and offer staffing plus menu options, but we can also build custom-made vehicle extensions, add light-up Plexiglas elements, and even supply you with branded merchandise for the event.

Permanent Wraps

We understand the food business. Our founders were actually in the food and food truck industries themselves, so we know the ins and outs. We understand how important your look is and how quickly a customer can decide whether to try your tasty food or not.

We have a soft spot for the food business, and we love working on food truck projects!


Promotional Food Truck Sourcing

NVS has a fleet of truck which we can offer for your activation. The vehicles we have are fully customizable, and are built to be altered to your vision. What this means is that we can completely tailor the equipment needed for your menu, and fabricate it internally or externally, without limitations which often are present on rental of trucks that are actively operational. What NVS can help your team with:

  • Mobile tours
  • Wrapping : All vinyl visuals
  • Fabrication : Full exterior and interior.
  • Props : custom prop fabrication. Foam and 3D
  • Logistics : Drivers and Staff
mobile pop-up food truck activation branded food truck Nvs visuals promo
mobile tour promo van Nvs visuals experiential event fabrication superbowl visuals
Mobile branded food truck activation - NVS promo fleet. Pride parade vehicle

Reach your customers in style!

food trailer wraps
food truck sourcing for vinyl wrap projects - nyc - Nvs visuals

Turnaround and Timeline

We get it: timelines and due dates are extremely important. If the duration of the wrapping process is too long, that can turn a “go” into a “no.”

Is your food truck wrap is for an event? We understand that many moving pieces have to fall into place and be ready at the same time. If you’re wrapping your truck for your business, every day your truck is not out there advertising is money lost. We can facilitate for extremely quick turnarounds both in wrapping and production.

Add Something Special

We know that your project has a little dose of special creativeness already, but how about taking it a notch further? We’re experts at customizing your wrap so that it leverages the use of specialty vinyl like reflective, metallic, chrome, glow in the dark, and other special finishes.

We do not stop at specialty films, either. We can build custom extensions with our fabrication services, or light up some elements with the use of custom-made Plexiglas signs.

If your project is in the design phase, give us a call. Let’s discuss your production possibilities!

Food Tucks and Carts Sourcing

Are you planning something beautiful and yummy at the same time? We got you! Not only do we design and wrap food trucks, food trailers, and food carts, but we also source them. That’s one less thing for you to worry about.

We can find the perfect mobile kitchen for you, staff your truck, and even take care of all the logistics. We work with chefs and food truck operators who can rearrange a menu and optimize your food offerings. Food truck activations do not get any easier. Some of the vehicles we can source include:

  • Food trucks, carts and trailers
  • Portable pizza ovens

Tell us about your next Food Truck Vinyl Wrap Project.

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