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We have worked with some of the best creative studios, TV production crews, and designers on many fabrication projects. NVS Visuals can build great stuff for anyone and everyone, making your next event or production set exactly the way you visualize it. If you are still in the conceptualization phase, we’ll gladly help you brainstorm the best options for your specific creative vision.

Why NVS Visuals?

We are a team composed of artists, designers, creators, and craftsmen. There is truly no fabrication project that would be too crazy for us to produce. We’re based in New York City, but have worked on projects nationwide. Whatever your idea is, we say bring it on.


Custom Fabrication - NVS Visuals NYC, New York

Custom build-outs and bespoke props should be the center of your event.


Fabrication of custom objects, props, and signage calls for a variety of different materials. Just like with our printing, we cover all of the standard fabrication substrates and are always open to adding new material options.


We stock plexiglass sheets at different thicknesses from 1/8`` to 1``, and colors.


Sustainable, and great CNC material. From plywood to hardwood.


Compressed foam is light, and routs at a high detail. from 1/4`` do 1`` thick.


Less expensive than wood, rigid and one of most popular CNC materials.


We can rout DiBond and aluminum. This metals come in different colors and finishes.


PVC comes in many colors and thicknesses from 1/8`` to 1``

Custom Set Fabrication

Custom fabricating sets might be one of our favorites. We can do TV and production sets with quick set-up and easy disassembly or something more permanent. Above all, we begin every set build with careful planning and testing. Once we have a full understanding of your project’s three-dimensional nature then the fabrication can begin.

We have worked with many TV networks and convention centers on fabricating walls that have transformed spaces for various events. See more of our set-specific builds here.

NVS Visuals - Custom Set fabrication -NYC, New York
NVS Visuals - Custom Set fabrication -NYC, New York


If you need molding for custom props or fine art applications, we have you covered! We can make things out of all types of material, from rubber and foam to bronze and stone. Our clients come not only from TV and movie production backgrounds, but we have also worked with artists, jewelry makers, and architects. With expert sculpting capability, our modeling department can help you build any prop, mask, or sculpture.


Electronics are often an integral part of custom fabricated object and props. Most of the times, electronic installations include lights, but we are capable of fully operational electronic builds.

NVS Visuals - Custom Set fabrication -NYC, New York

How to get started

With our capability to cover the design, printing, CNC, and installation your next fabrication project, you can have a stress and worry free experience with amazing results

Concept Design + -

Let’s start the project by talking about the design. IF you have a concept, we can transform that into executable files – or if you need help with conceptualizing your idea – we can help as well.

Prototyping + -

Once we have our plan, we can start the process of prototyping and testing. Our fabrication capabilities allow us for approaching your project in several different ways. We first test to give you the best suitable solution.

Production + -

Once the sample is approved, we can proceed with production. Please ask us what is the production timing for your particular project. Since all we do is custom build-outs the timeline varies per project basis.

Installation & Mounting + -

If your projects needs installation and mounting, we can do that too. We have a fleet of vehicles and technicians who can deliver and assemble it on set.

" NVS came into the project late, since we had another vendor produce all of the CNC and flatbed work - to just find out that all was done wrong! Magda and her team color corrected, fixed measurements and saved our event. Thank you guys!"

- Amanda Fam -

"Great service. Wrapped a car and they stood by their work. They truly know what it means to be customer oriented and customer focused. They went above and beyond to make sure the project was done the right way even when we ran into issues few months down the line. This is a high class place. Would recommend 1000x over."

- Bakers Drugs -

"Amazing work. Gave them a tight turn around, and they exceeded my expectations and they have amazing customer service. Magda, it was a pleasure working with you!"

- Space NY -


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NVS Visuals is a media company that specializes in transforming spaces and objects through print and fabrication.

Formerly known as NY City Wraps.