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Vehicle Wraps

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Vehicle wrapping is in our DNA

It’s no secret that we love to wrap. As a matter of fact, we used to be known as NY City Wraps, and yes, wrapping is what we did best. Therefore, we know it inside and out, for all types of projects – permanent or removable, large and small, from complex and multi-material to simple logo placements. We have wrapped them all: large fleets, individual cars, unique custom-made models, and traditional trailers.


What Vehicle Wraps do we do?

We specialize in commercial project wrapping and above all know exactly what is needed for your project, and work with your timelines and vision in mind. Whether you’re wrapping only for a one-day activation, for a month-long advertising tour, rebrand your business, wrapping for a TV production or an Event – we got you covered.

From smart cars to 54' trailers,
get your visuals moving - literally.

What to know when wrapping a vehicle

Vehicle wraps - Nvs visuals - nyc - fleet graphics - van wraps - vinyl wraps
Vehicle wraps - Nvs visuals - nyc - fleet graphics - van wraps - vinyl wraps

Vehicle Wrap Coverage

Vinyl coverage varies in vehicle wrapping. In other words, we can wrap your entire vehicle, including the roof, or limit the visuals to half or only specific sections with die-cut graphics.

Most importantly, If you are not sure if your project should be a full wrap, partial wrap, or possibly just decals, let us know. We have experienced vehicle wrap designers on staff that can assist in finalizing the vision for you project.

Vehicle Wrap Design

NVS can assist in every step of the design process for creating your vehicle branding. Do you have an ongoing campaign that needs to be transported into vehicle graphics? We’re on it. Do you have brand assets but no particular design direction for the vehicle wrap activation? We can help here too. No design in hand? In short, with our experienced design team, we can completely conceptualize your brand. Bring it on.

Vehicle wraps - Nvs visuals - nyc - fleet graphics - van wraps - vinyl wraps
Vehicle wraps - Nvs visuals - nyc - fleet graphics - van wraps - vinyl wraps

Material Type and Finish

There are two general categories of vinyl wrap films: printable and non-printable. To clarify, printable material can be fully printed, color-matched to your specific Pantone, and laminated with either a gloss or matte finish.

On the other hand, non-printable materials come manufactured in a specific color and finish. We supply Avery Dennison, 3M, Oracal, and other types of vinyl in all of the available swatches. These come in gloss, satin, matte, and high gloss, as well as in finishes like carbon-fiber, leather texture, chrome, reflective, diamond-glitter, and glow-in-the-dark.

Temporary Wrapping

Temporary wrapping is the go-to solution for any ad activations. At NVS, we can help you source the car, plan the logistics for both drop-off and pick-up, as well as assure that the vehicle is returned to its original condition post activation.

Is your project on a rush deadline? No problem! We can facilitate a multiple-vehicle wrapping on a very fast turn-around.

Lastly, short-term applications produce a lot of material waste. If you would like to learn more about some sustainable printing solutions, give us a call.

Vehicle wraps - Nvs visuals - nyc - fleet graphics - van wraps - vinyl wraps
Vehicle wraps - Nvs visuals - nyc - fleet graphics - van wraps - vinyl wraps

Permanent Installations

This is the traditional option for branded vehicles that actually will live their lives working for the company. Most importantly, various factors determine how long a wrap is expected to last on a vehicle. To sum, as a general rule, it will look great for 3 to 7 years.

Permanent installs can still be removed, but there is a risk of doing some damage to the surface underneath. Consequentially, depending on the condition of the paint, there might be a need to use additional adhesive, which makes the removal more difficult but still possible.

Color Matching

Brand colors are very important. We know this at NVS because for many projects, we have spent more time color matching than printing and installing combined! To sum, sometimes, it’s just that crucial to transfer your brand color onto a vinyl install.

In addition, color matching on vinyl is not the same as doing it on paper. Vinyl has different qualities, and more importantly, lamination of the print slightly changes the color. The good news is that we are experts at predicting how the laminate will affect the color output, and we can nail down your exact Pantone on vinyl.

Vehicle wraps - Nvs visuals - nyc - fleet graphics - van wraps - vinyl wraps - vehicle sourcing for wrap activations

Vehicle Sourcing for vinyl wrap activations

We understand there is a lot to think about when you’re running an ad activation, launching a product, or organizing an event. Moreover, it’s already a task to find a reliable and high-quality print and wrap company (hint: not anymore, because you found us), but it’s another animal to actually get your vehicles that we’ll later wrap. In short, things just got a lot easier for you, because we also source vehicles.


Vehicles we source:

Whether you’re looking for a passenger bus, a food truck with a menu and a working kitchen, or a classic car – we got you covered. To sum, from vans to truly one-of-a-kind vehicles, we’ll source it for you. Moreover, we take care of the logistics of arranging drop-offs and pick-ups to our installation facility, so you and your marketing team can focus on what’s important.


Our Fleet:

  • Buses: coach, passenger, and shuttles, including low-emission
  • Vans, cars, and classic cars
  • Food trucks and food carts with operational kitchens and food permits
  • Box trucks and trailers

The Steps



Let's learn about your project. How long will it live for? How soon do you need the vehicle wrapped? To sum, in this stage we choose the right approach and give you all of the possible options. If your project is still months away, we can give you a high and low estimate to secure your budget for the future.



First, we have to determine the coverage of your wrap. Is it a full wrap? Are we covering the roof? Second, we'll pick the right materials. Consequently will all of the vehicle wrap be printed, or will we use manufactured vinyl like metallics, chrome, or special-use vinyls? Is color-matching required?



This step is all on us. In short, we take everything we worked with you and your team on and simply ``go to work.`` We can install at our specialized facility meant for vehicle wrapping, or if needed, we can vinyl wrap on-site.



This is the fun part - let the vehicle wrap live outside! Whether it's only for a day, weeks, months, or years, we'll let you know how to sustain the visuals and make sure the graphics look great. After that, when your activation is done, we can take care of the removal and make sure that the sourced vehicle is returned in its original condition.


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