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Truck wraps and Trailer Wraps

Truck wraps and Trailer Wraps

Why wrap your box truck or trailer?

Truck vinyl wraps and trailer wraps are what wrapping is all about. In the world of vehicle vinyl wrapping, trailers and trucks are the biggest, giving you the most real estate for your visuals to shine. Big box trucks, tractor-trailers, cement trucks, roll-off containers, and more are all great opportunities to expand your brand’s image.

Box Truck Wraps 

Box trucks can do much more than just deliver. After all, they work hard for your business – let them look nice while they do it! Box trucks are great for vinyl wrapping. Because the vehicle body is flat, the visual graphic possibilities are almost limitless. Whatever you can imagine, we can put it on box trucks. In addition to the box itself, cabins can also be wrapped to give a consistent visual image.

Trailer Wraps

Trailers can get even larger – up to 52′ long. That’s a lot of wrapping, but also a lot of graphics! It’s difficult to miss a huge trailer on the road, and even more so when it’s completely wrapped in vinyl graphics. If the vision for your project does not include a full wrap, don’t worry. We can also do partial wraps or even decals.

NVS visuals - box vinyl wrap - truck vinyl wrap
trailer wrap, trailer vinyl wrap - NVS visuals - New York vinyl wrapping

Make a large visual statement.

Decals and Full Wraps

Here at NVS, we can design and install full vehicle wraps or decals only. Whether it’s to meet the budget or to stay consistent with your branding, your big vehicles do not have to be fully wrapped. Full ¬†truck wraps or trailer vinyl wraps do offer you the most visual impact, but skillfully used partial wraps or decals can sometimes deliver the same statement. See our portfolio for some examples.

Complex large vehicles like cement trucks, garbage trucks, or shipping containers can also be wrapped. They are often partially wrapped due to the complexity of their shape. Cylinder-like shapes or very deep ridges in the body, such as with a roll-off container, have to be considered during the design phase.

We have the experience needed to design and install vinyl wraps for complex-shaped vehicles. If you need any help, give us a call.



Every day that your large trucks are not out there working for you costs you and your company money. Here at NVS Visuals, we understand that and always make our wrapping schedule as flexible as possible to accommodate your deadlines. We also have a full-time installer on staff. When large projects come in, we can quickly execute them and send the beautifully wrapped vehicles back to you.

When scheduling your project, let us know your timelines and deadlines. Your schedule is our priority.

Truck and trailer Sourcing

Here’s one less thing for you to worry about. We source many types of vehicles, including box trucks.

Are you working on a set and need to replicate a Verizon truck for a commercial? No worries, we have done many of them. Are you worried about damaging the existing decals on the rental trucks you were looking at? Our sourced box trucks have no graphics, which prevents additional costs for your projects. You need a truck – we take care of it. We’ll rent, wrap, and remove it for you. Read more about our sourcing service.

Some of the vehicles we source:

  • Box trucks
  • Trailers
  • All types of work-trucks

Tell us about your next truck or trailer vinyl wrap project.

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