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Wall Vinyl Wraps

Wall Vinyl Wraps

What are Wall Vinyl Murals?

Vinyl murals and wall vinyl wraps – these names all refer to wall graphics that are installed with a vinyl application. Wall graphics can be permanent or temporary, full-sized or just decals, matte or printed on textured films that have a canvas, stucco, or even crushed stone finish.

Application or wall vinyl wraps and vinyl murals:

Permanent and Removable

Vinyl wall graphics can be completely removable and are often installed only for a single day or even a few hours. Whether it’s an entire wall install, a wall and ceiling, or vinyl wrapped columns, you can choose between permanent and removable application.

wall vinyl wraps an vinyl murals - NVS visuals
wall vinyl wraps an vinyl murals - NVS visuals

Transform spaces with
vinyl wall murals.

wall vinyl wraps an vinyl murals - NVS visuals
wall vinyl wraps an vinyl murals - NVS visuals

Design and Templates

Wall vinyl wraps graphics are not limited to simple flat surfaces. Doors, lights, turns, and columns all have to be accounted for in the design. This is what makes 2D design applied to 3D surfaces come to life! But it has to be thought out first.

Here at NVS Visuals, we believe that any room or building can be transformed with vinyl. If your project is complex, we will conduct a site survey and prepare templates for you and your team. If you would like us to design the space, we would love to do that for you as well.

Specialty Materials

There are many types of wall vinyl and films that are non-standard. We can print on metallic, glitter, canvas-textured, or even reflective vinyl film. There are even films with which we can create custom-printed wallpaper – the sky is the limit!

With our multiple-ink printing options and an arsenal of different printers, we’re capable of using many non-traditional wall films to help elevate your project.

Installation and Removal

At NVS Visuals, we’re experts at both installing and removing vinyl wall wraps. Wall murals are no exception. When installed for a promotional event, wall wraps often  have to be removed shortly after.

Various factors need to be considered before any install. How long ago was the wall painted? Is the paint even or are there visible chips? Based on that information, we pick the correct media and methods of installation and removal of your project.

Tell us about your next vinyl wrap project.

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