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SEG Fabric Prints

SEG Fabric Prints

Silicon Edge Graphics - Bringing the vivid colors to fabric printing.

When it comes to printing on fabric, SEG is the way to go. Silicone Edge Graphics are printed with Dye Sublimation printing, it’s a very different type of printing from vinyl and banner graphics. This technique allows the ink to truly embed into the textile, which in result produces extremely saturated and vivid colors. Dye-Sub printed visuals can be back-lid because of the color saturation.

Here at NVS, we ship SEG prints nation wide, and can assist in all SEG frame system builds.

SEG Systems.

SEGs are extremely easy to install, once the frame system is set-up. The frames come in different sizes, configurations, thicknesses, and type of LED lights – for the back-lid frames. Once we take care of building your SEG frames, the next swap our of graphics can be done by your team. No need for a professional installation service.


SEG installation are a great fit for all retail spaces, but not only. Many Events, or corporate branding can use SEG frames to achieve a very luxurious andhqgh-end backdrops, and other industries that are eco-conscious and rely on fast graphic swap-out also can use all of its benefits.

Vivid colors, saturated graphics.

Systems and Frames

SEGs or Silicone Edge Graphics are meant to live within a frame. This is what stretches the print, so that when designed exactly to size of the frame, the print looks completely flat and solid.

At NVS Visuals we provide our clients with few SEG frames, some that could be sourced back-lid with LEDs, frames at other thicknesses, and frames that could be made to custom size of your activation and store/ retail setup.

Seamless Installation

The best thing about SEGs is that they re a breeze to install. Actually, it’s as simple as changing a pillow case. Our SEG prints are made exactly to size so that the installation does not even include a professional installer, often clients designate people within their team to swap out the graphics.

The ease of changing the graphics, and no need for professional installer bring the cost down significantly – and allows for more hangouts.


SEG graphics looks great, are a breeze to install once the frame systems are in place, and there’s an additional advantage – the prints are much lighter than any large banners or vinyls.

Moreover, with no need for vinyls and heavy substrates, fabric printing is much more eco-friendly. You can read more about our commitment to sustainable printing solutions here.


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