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Hi, call us NVS Visuals

If you liked us as NY City Wraps, you’re going to love us as NVS Visuals. We’ve got a new name, a new website and best of all, new capabilities.


We now offer a full range of services in design, production and installation. From large format printing, commercial vehicle wrapping and vinyl wrapping, to fabrication, 3D printing, branded apparel and full interior build-outs and transformations.

With our new services we strive to service our existing clients, and work on new projects with new brands from events, TV and Entertainment, Commercial, Design and Retail and Government industries and sectors.

Our Story

This is a time of change not only for us, but for the entire world, who is now seeking new solutions to every day living and new patch to change and equality for all. We’re excited to be a part of forming the “new”, and are committed to creating work and partnerships that echo our believes. 

We started this business over seven years ago out of a garage, and our approach has always been one of both ambition and humility. We’ve learned a lot in our time as a company thus far, hand craft, built relationships with clients, and made some really cool work – and now, we’re ready to advance to our next chapter. 

What sets us apart

As NVS Visuals, we’ve brought together a team of expert designers, technicians, and specialists to extend our services in order to serve you better. We believe in creating awe-inspiring work, holistically in-house, so as to eliminate go-between game of telephone with multiple vendors.

What sets us apart in this industry is our big business knowhow paired with our small business heart. We operate like a local business in one of the biggest cities in the world, assisting clients across industries on projects of all scales. We attend to you as if you’re a local customer at our mom-and-poop flagship, because no matter how we grow, we’ll never leave behind our original ethos.

NVS Visuals is a proud WBE corporation certified by both New York City and NY State as a woman-owned-business. Unlike other printers and fabricators in the field, we fun a green-friendly operation, offering sustainable printing methods and recycling options. We care, and it comes through our work.

big business knowhow
paired with our small business heart.

Let’s work on your next big thing!

Our Clients

NVS Visuals is a media company that specializes in transforming spaces and objects through print and fabrication.

Formerly known as NY City Wraps.