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Wood and Metal Printing

Wood and Metal Printing

Printing Large and making a Big statement.

There is nothing that a wood print or metal print can compare to, both options are very unique but at the same time equally beautiful.

Flatbed printing allows for printing directly onto rigid substrates. Traditionally this means foam boards, Sintra and PVC – but what we love to print on even more is wood and metal. With our Latex print technology, the layer of ink o the substrate is so thin, that the layered color retains the quality of the substrates. This cannot be don with a traditional UV printer.

Who uses Metal and Wood Prints: 


Metal Prints

Wether it’s aluminum, diamond, copper or chrome, matte or gloss, textured or flat surface, prints on metal simply shine in their own light. And by shine, we mean real shine. Because g our flatbed latex technology printer, you do not see the caked-up matte layer of ink on any metals we print on. The ink layer is extremely thin, and it just tints the surface. We can also use white ink in our production, to assure that all of your colors are vibrant and pop.

Wood Prints

Printing on wood is not only beautiful but also extremely environmentally conscious. At NVS we love to print on wood for the quality of the final visual, as well as our commitment to sustainable printing. We have printed on variations of plywood, MDF, reclaimed wood and raw birch or cherrywood – all outcomes have looked great.

Just like with metal printing, we could either used white to Mae your colors look more solid and pop off of the canvas, or print without the use of white ink, and let the final look retain the natural wood background.

Big Visuals deserve a Big

Custom Fabrication

Printed wood often is a part of a larger activation – and we’re good at making all the puzzle pieces fit together. With our CNC and fabrication capability, we can build structures out of wood, that are custom layered and printed.

There is truly no limit to the creative concepts you can achieve with all of us at NVS Visuals – we’re designers, printers and craftiest – all working on making sure your next project is exactly how you imagined.

Fast Turnaround.

Is the even happening tomorrow? Or maybe even today – because of our large production capabilities we can turn around last minute requests, and often save the situation.

At NVS Visuals we stock different types of aluminum and wood so that many jobs can be made on a last minute request. Please contact us to talk about your project.

Spot white ink

Your prints on wood can be as elegant as you can imagine. We could use a spot white layer, that can be placed under the color sections only, making the colored layers very vivid and saturated.

The latex ink technology allows for a very thin layer of ink which means high precision. With this type of attention to detail, all of our wood and metal prints are at gallery quality.


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