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Fleet Graphics

Fleet Graphics

Commercial Fleet Wrapping

Commercial fleet wraps, often called fleet graphics or fleet wrapping is a service of vinyl wrapping with consistent and on-brand design for all of your cars, or if not all – many of them.

There is no need to explain why wrapping your fleet is a great idea. After all, you have a brand, so why not show it off? Most importantly, when your vehicles are driving, or even when they are parked, they can represent your brand with wraps. To sum, there is nothing better than a show-stopping, eye-grabbing, look-at-that pointing visual advertising on your cars. Fleets are composed of all vehicles: cars, trucks, vans and buses – and we have lots of experience wrapping all of them.

NVS Visuals used to be called NY City Wraps. We have wrapped vehicles for years, from fleets of more than 200 cars to groups of cars as small as two. Consequentially, there are many factors to consider when dressing up your fleet.

Fleet wraps, fleet graphics and fleet wrapping for taxi fleet in nyc - Nvs visualsa

Perfect For Every Type Of Business

Cost-Effective Large-Scale Branding On the Move

Fleet branding can make a small business appear larger and help you become a regular feature in a local or national environment, establishing your brand message and helping you grow.

Larger brands can reap the benefits of large-scale exposure. Simply put, this is branding at its finest. Even online-only businesses can reap countless benefits with fleet graphics lending brands a physical, real-world presence.

Bigger Wrapping, Bigger Impact

We’re experts at fleet branding. There are differences in wrapping a fleet of vehicles and wrapping a single truck or van, and we understand each process.

With fleets of 200 cars or more, we know the logistical struggles, including the scheduling and flexibility your company deals with when taking on a large branding project. Above all, we understand the need to meet timelines and budgets.

We have a large facility that can intake multiple cars. We also work with brands beforehand to optimize your vehicle space and assure that the branding color and texture are consistent both in layout across multiple vehicle types and with your previous marketing materials.


Fleet Graphics Maintenance

Fleet branding does not end with wrapping. Your vehicles are out there living their best life and showing off your brand, but they also sometimes go through some harsher situations and endure scratches, dents, or even partial damage.

In the initial phase of strategizing for fleet wrapping, we take longevity and easy panel replacements into account. We have a system that works for “what ifs” once your fleet is on the road.

Fleet wraps, fleet wrapping and fleet graphics by NVS Visuals
Fleet wraps, fleet wrapping and fleet graphics by NVS Visuals
Fleet wraps, fleet wrapping and fleet graphics by NVS Visuals


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