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Architectural Graphics and Finishes

Transforming Spaces with Architectural and Environmental Graphics

What are Architectural Graphics?

Wether your next project is for a large commercial building, or a small design studio, EGDs or Environmental Graphic Design are most likely a large part of your project. From custom category II wallpaper printing, to DI-NOC finishes, custom architectural window films and all forms of fabrication and installs, here at NVS we would love to be a part of the team who makes your vision a reality. To sum, our production and fabrication capability can help us provide you with a multitude of environmental visuals and architectural finishes.

Why choose NVS for your environmental graphics project ?

When we say that we do architectural installations, we really mean it. Our installers and designers are not only trained to install vinyl wraps – we are a full fabrication house. Most importantly, with our fabrication capability, print equipment and installation possibilities, there is little that we cannot do. In other words, every complex project, especially ones which involve any architectural scope, development and construction requires throughout planning, budgeting, sampling and testing – we are here for all parts of that planning.

In short, our fabrication team is experienced with small prop making to complex environmental fabrications, and last but not least – our installers can aid in complex DI-NOC installations, as well as architectural and environmental glass and window films installs. We simply do it all, and that means less calls to different vendors for you and your team, and less teams to manage. Above all, we’re also a great team to work with – a team of designers, installers, producers and artists at heart, and we’re passionate about all projects; large and small.

Sustainable Visual Architectural and Environmental Graphics and

Environmental Graphics and Architectural Finishes made easy.

Commercial Wallpaper coverings
di noc architectural finish install

Commercial Wallpaper

Custom printed wallpaper is not a thing of the past anymore, actually it’s the next big thing, or already is the new trend. In short, if you’re renovating, renting, prepping for a show – or simply in need of some beautiful patterns on wall, a complex wall mural –  wallpaper is the way to go. 

Our printers were build to print long, color-consistent runs of wallpaper. Most importantly, our equipment allows us to produce wallpaper panels at different different widths, facilitating very complex and demanding projects. From the standard 27” up to 72” – we can make a seamless wall look truly seamless.

Moreover, NVS partnered with multiple artists who are producing wallpaper patterns and designs, making it even easier to dress up your walls. If you have your own design, great – we can talk substrates, techniques of printing and more to truly produce something one of a kind!

DI-NOC Architectural Finishes

3M Di-Noc architectural finishes are films that mimic the look and texture of architectural finishes like wood, metal, marble, suede, fabric and more. Not only is Di-Noc a great solution to visually transform spaces and objects, but it’s much faster than typical architectural install and it does not require constructions at the job site.

In other words, 3M DI-NOC Architectural Finishes offer a cost effective and creative solution to many projects that require both new construction or renovations. In sum, if you imagine installing wood panel walls – or quickly completely refacing the elevators at your facility, Di-Noc finishes are the best substrate option. 

architectural window covering
Environmental Graphic Design

Architectural Window Films

Architectural window films are not like they used to be – there are hundreds of options for different applications. In short, privacy films, as their name states offer limited visibility into the space. But today one can choose from many different frosted films, gradient levels, and decorative gradient and frosted film options. 

In addition to the large library of frosted privacy window films, there are multiple different options for solar and UV protective films, Anti-graffiti substrates as well as protection films. 

NVS is a proud vendor of Llumar Architectural glass and window film supplier, among other frosted window and privacy solutions. 

Environmental Graphics

Our large scale printing capability and fabrication department can produce graphics at any scale and of great complexity. In short, we can fabricate large wall prints, DI-NOC objects and space as well as completely custom three dimensional signage. Moreover, our fabrication and print techniques follow our strict print sustainability requirements. 

We specialize in custom printing and transforming three dimensional spaces and objects into your custom vision. Large scale visual production is sort of our thing, and with that we can fabricate LED neon signs, completely dress up your walls with custom wallpaper or graphics and change the drywall to look like dry wood finishes from the 3M DI-NOC series. In conclusion, your imagination is the limit.


Custom EGD Signage

Signage is an essential part of any space that represents a brand, a space or conveys important information. Our large scale printing service and Fabrication capability allows us to fabricate signs at any scale, with top-tier craftsmanship. In short, we can produce three dimensional signs, or signs made out of environmentally sustainable options that can fit into any creative vision and project. 

Moreover, our signage solutions are custom tailored to your needs. We custom select the substrate that your sign would be made out of, as well as the hanging and mounting solution. Further, our fabricator typically make signs out of DiBond, Acrylic / Plexi as well as wood.

Every unique sign requires some discussion and consultation. If you would like to discuss your next signage project, contact us – lets talk about it. 

Specialty Glass Films

Architectural window installs are not only about privacy films, and we get it. If your project requires a UV or color glass film protection, o security solution like an anti-graffiti or glass enforcing film – we have fabrication solutions for you. 

NVS is a vendor for a series of Llumar products which fulfill many rigorous compliance metrics for UV transmission films, reflective glass finishes and security films. Please email us, or call us directly with your specific film requirements, and we will be able to assist you by directing you to the best possible product for your installation. 

In conclusion, NVS is here to assist in many glass and window architectural films. From decorative tinted installs to safety compliance applications, we can assist in all of the above. 

Custom wallpaper and 3M Di-Noc environmental graphics and finishes installation

Environmental Graphics Installations

When we say that NVS is your go-to fabricator and installer, we mean it. Everything that we offer, we also offer installation and mounting services for. Moreover, we offer installations nationwide and can handle logistically complex activations. 

To sum, we have installed Custom wallpaper coverings, 3M DI-NOC finishes, and everything that falls under custom printed and fabricated environmental graphics and EGD projects: from vinyl to LED Neon signs.

Why pick NVS Visuals for your next Architectural and Environmental Graphics project?

Through our years in business, we’ve managed cross-state installs, multi-location installations, installs on elevation above 200’, difficult weather condition installs and worked with heavy equipment. In short, if your project needs EGD installers, NVS Visuals should be the team you call.

  • Complex multi-location installation
  • Custom category 2 and 1 wallpaper installations
  • 3M DI-NOC installs and supply of over 1000 swatches
  • Outdoor/indoor installs
  • Nationwide installations
  • On-set vinyl installations

The Steps.



Every architectural projects starts with your plan and blue prints review. After that, if necessary we follow-up with a site visit and a process of samples. We want to learn about your project, and choose the best application.



If your project is an environmental visuals activation, this is when we prep all of the printing and fabrication. IF your project requires specific substrates, we prep the for install and CAD-Cut if necessary.



This step is all on us. We take all that we worked with you and your team on and simply 'go to work'. We take care of all of the logistics and the necessary equipment needed to complete the install.



This is the fun part - let your visual live outside! Wether it's only for a day, weeks, months or years, we'll let you know how to sustain the visuals and make sure the graphics look great. After your activation is done we can take care of the removal, to make sure that no damage is done to any of the wrapped surfaces.


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