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Apparel and T-shirt Printing

Apparel and T-shirt Printing

T-Shirt Printing at its finest.

Printing T-shirts, tote bags, hoodies and other apparel is really fun, and at NVS Visuals we love doing that. We can print with the highest grade commercial-grade DTG machine, as well as silk-screen print the traditional way. If you’re looking to print for your business, we can help you brand yourself – if you’re looking to make just a couple of shirt for an event, we can do that too – there is no minimum when it comes to our Apparel Branding service.   

Silk-Screen Vs DTG

This is a heated debate in the T-shirts printing world. Both techniques have their advantages, but here at NVS Visuals we prefer to DTG – because our DTG printed is in it’s class of its own, completely eliminating any direct to garment limitations used with other equipment.

We can provide you with instant printing, with an extremely large production capability, yet no compromise to the resolution of your art. Oh, and there are truly no graphic limitations – you design it, and we’ll print it. Industries that use branded apparel often, are a mix of commercial and personal projects. This type of branding is great for: Corporate branding, TV sets,  Shops and Retail, Schools and universities, Event branding.

t-shirt printing - NVS Visuals

Printed apparel on an instant
and Embroidering in style.

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DTG – Direct to Garment Printing

With DTG, we can print any high-quality digital image directly onto your garments. This method uses inkjet technology similar to printing on paper, creating full-color high-resolution prints that come out vivid and are long-lasting. DTG is a great option if you need a smaller quantity of garments and/or a more detailed design (for example, digital photos).

Silk-Screen Printing

Screen printing is the traditional method of creating t-shirts and other printed garments. It is a tried and true process in which we separate your design by color, making a stencil-like screen for each one. We then apply the ink by pushing it through the screens and onto the fabric. Screen printing may be your best option if you need a large quantity of garments and/or have a simpler design (for example, your company logo).


At NVS we can also custom embroider your apparel, bags and accessories. We can convert and digitize your files so that they can be used for the embroidery process, and can provide you both visual samples, as well as a physical one. As with everything we do, we mix the traditional techniques with new creative approaches that result in some amazing embroidery projects.


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