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Lululemon Event – Take Space

In 2023 NVS Visuals was in charge of fabricating and vinyl wrapping for the Take Space event hosted by Lululemon. We fabricated the custom booth rooms made out of custom fabricated flats. This project utilized our vinyl wrapping, uv flatbed sprinting as well as fabrication capabilities.

The design for the project was made by Khalid Brigs, and his studio.

NVS Visuals installed and fabricated all of the custom flats, fabricated life-size giant foam letters for the stage, vinyl wrapped the stage to a specific Pantone color, as well as printed and cut signage on a sustainable rigid material – Falcon board.

Client :

NVS Visuals is a media company that specializes in transforming spaces and objects through print and fabrication.

Formerly known as NY City Wraps.