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Steinway Piano Vinyl Wrap – Tricia Paulicio

in 2021 we had the pleasure of working with Steinway and Tricia Paoluccio on creating a custom graphic for a Grand Model D Piano Wrap.

We started by scanning the original artwork, and creating a custom template.

All of the sides of the piano connected, so that the flow of the graphic was truly seamless – something which was not done previously on any piano wrap contracted by Steinway & Sons. Here, at NVS, we developed a system which allows for a visual to connect seamlessly – starting from the piano legs, and ending on the keys.

We have wrapped pianos before this project, but this wrap was one of a kind. It was extremely complex, and during this project we have created a system for complex visuals being installed on pianos. If you would like to learn more about our piano wrapping services – please read more here.


NVS Visuals is a media company that specializes in transforming spaces and objects through print and fabrication.

Formerly known as NY City Wraps.