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Social Distancing Signage

Social Distancing Signage - Covid-19 printing and fabrication.

Here, at NVS, we understand that we’re living in some challenging times. Navigating how to best serve your customers and communicate effectively social distancing needs is tough. Please know that we are here to help, providing numerous custom Social Distancing Signage options to prioritize customer wellbeing, with installation and production based in New York City, but with nationwide reach.

social distancing signage - concrete and outdoor social distancing floor decals

Social Distancing Floor Decals

Social distancing floor decals are the new normal, and are a great help to keep your space CDC compliant. Our floor decals can be used on many surfaces like wood, tile and even carpet. In addition, we use a textured non-slip laminate.

Sidewalk and outdoor decals

When you’re thinking about how to guide your customers, the plan should start with the outside of your space – and this is where social-distancing decals that are meant to be installed outside come into play. This decals work on all outdoor surfaces like concrete asphalt, brick and more. Just like with our regular floor decals, we use a non-slip that is textured and very durable.

social distancing signage - concrete and outdoor social distancing floor decals
covid-19 printing, floor decals, social distancing decals, plexi safety partitions

Plexi Partitions / sneeze guards

Sneeze guards or plexi guards and partitions are there to help minimize the social contact where transactions happen. With our full fabrication capability, we have been working with plexi on many different projects, and can completely customize your safety guards. We can manufacture them in custom sizes, and custom configurations. In addition, we could add branded content to the acrylic.

Window Graphics

Social distancing signage can be also printed and installed in a work of a window graphics. You could advertise your product on the outside of your business, as well as inform your customers what’s inside, prior to them coming in. Moreover, if you are just reopening your business, window graphics add a perfect visual surface to your place, now more then pre-Covid time, since indoor capacity is much more restricted.

social distancing signage - window graphics
Social distancing banners, covid-19 printing, floor decals, social distancing decals, plexi safety partitions

Banners and Posters

Let your customers know that you’re open, or pass your massage on a large banner so that everyone can see it. Social distancing printing at a large scale involved grand printing, and we know this very well. Not only do we specialize in large scale banner printing, but we’re also committed to use only eco inks and print materials, that help in our sustainable printing commitment.

Safety Apparel printing

If you would like to brand your business on a safety mask, or you would like to dress your staff with a new uniform, our apparel printing service can help. Social distancing practices call for wearing a mask to public places, which are now a very popular branding item.

covid-19 printing, floor decals, social distancing decals, plexi safety partitions
banner wall partitions, privacy wall - custom printed - social distancing signage

Custom wall partitions

Arrange your space, and early designate how your customers interact with your staff, bu using custom printed wall partitions. You can make custom rooms, and divide existing spaces that can be easily moved. In order to do that, we produce pillow case banners with ourΒ SEG service and printed textiles.

Retractable banners, informational banners with stands

Retractable banners are a great messaging delivery system for social distancing printing. This type of banners are easily portable, and take very little space when rolled up. Retractable banners can be printed at two different widths – 36″ and 60″ – with a single sided and double sided option.

retractable banner, social distancing banner, social distancing signage

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